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Lunes, Agosto 20, 2012

A Look at the Recently Launched iPad 3, Plus Case and Stand

Gadgets like notebooks,smartphones and tablets are useful to stay updated on what’s trending online. Theyalso help users post relevant and interesting posts anytime, anywhere, keeping their accounts active. Regularly posting appealing topics, photos and videos isone way on how to get YouTube views, Facebook friends and Twitterfollowers. For those who are intothese new technologies, the new iPad or also called iPad 3 will make them moreexcited.

It will be easier to get YouTube views or followers on other social media sites because of its great features, including its high megapixel camera. There’s no need to use a professional camera to get great videos as this third-generation iPad can do the trick. Aside from the new iPad, users will also be ecstatic learning about the new stand and casing for iPad from STRUT LaunchPort.

Features and Specifications of the New iPad

The New iPad 3 is 9.50 inches in height, 7.31 inches in width and with 0.37-inch depth.

Storage ranges from 16 to 64 GB.

It has retina display with 2048-by-1536-pixel resolution. This makes everything that you see on the screen clearer and better. Whether you’re browsing through photos, reading books, playing games or watching movies, it will be more enjoyable to view them because of the high-quality graphics.

Its camera is 5 megapixels with autofocus, face detection when capturing photos and video stabilization. It’s more fun to take images and record videos because you can expect superior output with the new iPad.

The battery can last up to 10 hours giving you a long time to do your thing online without having to recharge often. This is perfect especially if you are travelling or always on the go.

It also has a built-in speaker, making video calls as well as movie experience on your gadget even better.

It also has a built-in microphone, which you can use for video calling, as well as when recording videos.

It supports various file formats so it will be easier to read your e-mail attachments.

Several built in apps can also be enjoyed including photo booth, iTunes, game center, FaceTime and Newsstand.

STRUT LaunchPort Stand and Case for iPad

The iPad case from STRUT Launchport has 5 magnificent designs that will not only protect your iPad but will also make your gadget stand out. The 5 designs include black and carbon fiber, pearl carbon fiber, sparkle pink, silk-touch leopard print and walnut burl. Aside from these 5 standard designs, additional designs that can be specially ordered are also available.

Some of the special cases include milled titanium and antiqued bronze. Other chic designs are available for you to choose from. However, since these are specially designed cases, you may need to wait for 6 to 8 weeks for the delivery. But it is worth the wait considering that you will have high quality and beautiful case for your iPad. It has a magnet at the back, which can then be connected to the magnet of the stand. There are 3 available stands to choose from including chrome, gloss white and matte black. 

Huwebes, Agosto 9, 2012

Jeremy Lin Reaches Out to Kid Fan

Jeremy Lin became the buzz on February this year as he led New York Knicks to several wins with his moves. This is when the “Linsanity” craze started. This Harvard graduate is the first American Chinese/Taiwanese to play on NBA. Earlier this summer, Lin bid farewell to his former team as he signed a contract to his new team, the Houston Rockets. This is something that usually happens on this sport. Basketball players may go from one team to another. However, some fans may find it saddening to see one of their favorite players leave their favorite team. This is what 5 year old Naim felt when Lin moved to another team.

Naim’s Video on YouTube

Naim’s father uploaded the video of his son saddened on the news that his favorite player, Lin, was leaving Knicks. He didn’t know this will actually get YouTube views and even reach Jeremy Lin himself. The video had increase YouTube views even more and has now reached almost 55 thousand views. You may check out this viral video on the site by clicking here. Watch how the cute little kid, Naim, reacted when he learned that Lin was moving to a new team.

Jeremy Lin’s Response

It may be heartbreaking for the kid to learn that his hero is leaving his favorite team. But it sure made him happy when the basketball star expressed that he wanted to chat with him through Skype. Lin is not just any famous personality. He also has a big heart taking time and effort to reach out to this kid and hopefully remove his sadness. The boy may be a bit shy talking to Lin on their Skype chat, but it is something that he would never forget. This is a dream come true especially for a little kid. It’s not everyday that he gets to talk to his idol. Other Lin fanatics would definitely want to get the chance to chat with him too. So even though he felt unhappy with Lin’s change of team, the fact that he was able to chat with him is worth a thousand smiles.

More on Jeremy Lin

Lin played basketball on his high school and college years. He was determined to play the sport professionally. He played on various leagues before being hired as a backup player for New York Knicks. He didn’t play for the team before the “Linsanity” period but he continued to work hard to improve his game. He would arrive at the practice early and be the last one to leave. He strived to become better though he wasn’t given the opportunity to shine. The management of the team was actually planning on removing him from the team before he reached the date of having his contract guaranteed. Because of bad plays and injuries of the team, they took a gamble on Lin, and it all paid off. He had an injury on March, which caused him to miss the remaining games of the season. Lin signed a three year contract with Houston Rockets, which earns him millions of dollars. 

Huwebes, Hulyo 26, 2012

Greek Triple-Jumper Sacked from the National Team for Racist Tweets

Following the outbreak of Romney accused of buying Twitter followers, a triple-jumper got sacked from the Greek team to compete to the London Olympics 2012 due to a Twitter post in her feed mocking African immigrants in Greece much to the dismay of her followers, Greeks and Olympic s fans the world over.

Voula Papachristou, a 23-year-old triple-jumper and member of the Greece delegation to this year’s Olympic Games, was expelled by the Hellenic Olympic Committee after the young lady athlete posted a tweet last Sunday regarding African immigrants in Greece. With the London Olympics social move launching an athlete’s hub, it looks like the Greek delegation has cut a budding problem in the nip – that is, expelling careless athlete tweeters from their team. Meanwhile, the controversial tweet continues to garner the athlete social media and internet notoriety instead of gold-medal-snagging fame.

Officials of the Hellenic Olympic Committee viewed Papachristou’s tweet referring to African immigrants in Greece as “West Nile mosquitoes” contrary to the values and ideas of the Olympic Movement. The young athlete was in preparations to head to London for her first-ever participation of the Olympic Games but was shown the red light when she allegedly posted a joke on Twitter about African immigrants. 

A Tasteless Joke?

"With so many Africans in Greece, at least the mosquitoes of West Nile will eat homemade food!!!",Papachristou tweeted Sunday. Her tweet, including retweets of Greece’s extreme right-wing party Golden Dawn’s issues with immigration, proved to be quite a leap out of her biggest opportunity in her career in sports.

The tweet earned the triple jumper ire from armies of Twitter users from all over the world, Greek citizens, and even government officials who viewed her tweet as racist and tasteless. Papachristou, on the other hand, asserted that’s how she is and stood by her comments only to change her tune upon learning her ticket to London would be no more. 

 Apology Accepted But Damage Has Been Done

Despite the young jumper’s remorseful apologies she posted later on Wednesday in her Twitter and Facebook accounts, the Hellenic Delegations’ Administration Board decided to bump her off the National Team citing "comments that go against the values and ideals of Olympism."

The 2012 Olympic Games happening in London (games started last Wednesday and opening ceremonies to start on Friday) have earned the buzz of being the first “social media Olympics” with the foresight that social networks will be playing a prominent role during the 16-day event. The International Olympic Community has released a social media, blogging and internet guidelines for all people involved in the Olympics weeks before the games commenced. 

Miyerkules, Hulyo 18, 2012

How to Get Mentions and Replies from Twitter Followers

Do you think it’s hard to get Twitterfollowers? Then, you have never known what difficulty means on Twitter. Besides, you can buy Twitter followers nowadays. You know what is hard to accomplish? It’s getting mentions. Not the past tense word “mentioned,” well that of course means the same thing, but it’s the feature with a prefix symbol @ that is so hard to acquire. Believe me; I’ve been trying to get my followers to add me to their mentions but for weeks I have failed…until now.

What happened that turned my fortune around 180 degrees? Let me tell you through these set of tips I learned on how to get mentions.

.    1.  Join follow Friday #FF

No, it’s not what you are thinking. We are not getting followers here, though that would prove a boon. I am referring to how users use the @username to refer you to people on Twitter to be followed. Most of these kind-hearted individuals recommends your account to their followers and uses the mention feature to create a link back to your Twitter account. What for? To be followed, of course.

.    2.  Bring up a topic to discuss

What is more effective than to bring up a stimulating topic to rouse your Twitter followers sleeping brains? You can start by looking into the trending topics and get an idea from there. Select active followers to mention and present them the dilemma or the scenario. Sooner or later people, their followers plus your followers will join, especially if the topic is about celebrities and social media.

.    3.  Give your followers praises

It’s great to be generous sometimes. Although, not to the point of actually sending your followers money through PayPal. Pick five followers to interact with, check out their tweets, visit their websites and give them praises for a wonderful post or for a great insight on a particular topic. With gratitude, they would not hesitate to return the favor plus the mention and reply you so want.

.    4.  Ask followers a question

Who could resist a question? It is the nature of human beings to be competitive no matter what, thus, it is hard for them to pass up a chance to prove their intelligence. So, don’t worry about not getting replied at or being mentioned. Even three to five followers are enough to say you have been a success. There is another day for more questions and luring additional mentions and replies from followers.

.     5. Don’t forget to retweet

Have you experienced getting mentions because you retweeted someone’s post? Remember those times? You just keep doing that to most of your followers and you won’t run out of mentions. There might even be a big chance of your account getting mentioned for virtually every post of some followers. Isn’t that awesome? It’s because you have established yourself as an active Twitter user who doesn’t hesitate to return favors, give praises and other actions that please people on Twitter.

Mentions, replies, hashtags and retweets are few of the popular features of Twitter that enliven the existence of users on the site. Without these, Twitter will be boring and considered to be just another trying hard Facebook. Maximize their potential, and then there will be no reason to stop you from reaching your goals.

Miyerkules, Hunyo 27, 2012

Find Out How Businesses Succeed With Social Media

A lot of content online talks about 10 top tips to Twitter, Facebook or YouTube marketing. However, few have taken the drum to discuss how businesses succeed in social media as a whole. Aren’t you wondering about that? Perhaps, it is because social media marketing is such a broad term similar to internet marketing and search engine marketing. But how about simplifying it for once?
This article post will tackle about important strategies that business must take on while doing social media.

Brand on Facebook

What Facebook is good for is branding, Businesses make Facebook fan page not to socialize but to create awareness. Rarely do you see friends interacting on a money fan page, especially those they know will definitely sell them something.

So what you must do is to post your grandest images and promotions on Facebook. Take the platform as a tool for advertising. However, don’t underestimate its power of engagement. Few people might think of engaging in a fan page but when they do, expect that these people are seriously considering purchasing from you. Want to know why that is?

Facebook was built around intimacy, personal relations, and other associations that have contact in the real world. Thus, you can understand their hesitation at engaging with brands they don’t really know because that will be immediately broadcasted on their and their friends’ news feeds.

Engage on Twitter

Twitter is the home of real time engagement. It is a fast paced social platform that a business must keep up in order to gain traction in the midst of competition.
If you want to become successful in this networking website like many businesses, you have to learn the Twitter lingo (language) such as the hash tag (#), the mentions (@) and the trends. But it’s not enough that you are familiar with these, you also need to know how and when to use it. Check out Mashable and a recently posted article about how marketers are doing Twitter wrong.

Getting twitter followers is very important, since Twitter is for engagement. Your funny quotes, promo pushes and other great contents will be futile if only a few in the Twitter-verse are reached. You can either buy Twitter followers, which are real, of course, or allot a strategic time and plan to acquire them naturally.

Host Video Tutorials on YouTube

YouTube is the best video website that has a massive amount of traffic daily. It is also one of the top traffic referrer for businesses. What do you think is the reason? It is simply because videos are entertaining and YouTube allows, basically anything uploaded on the site despite terms against copyrighted content.

Businesses achieved success on YouTube, not only because of the traffic it brings but also because it is supported or backed by Google. We all know Google is the largest search engine on the planet. Simply put, you get priority on the SERPs (search results) compared to other contents from video websites.

Create video blogs or vlogs as well. YouTube is the most utilized website for vlogs or video blogs. So when you set up your tutorial on how to use your product, make sure you also bank on the success of vlogging it.

Social Media Integration

Social networks are not stand-alone sites. They also help each other in order to push themselves up on user-base. Businesses use this opportunity of social media integration by activating automatic sharing of one post to all other social media networks. But the most popular of all, is the use of social buttons in a blog or web page. Putting all social buttons side by side will help businesses get shared to different social networks and be visible to a pool of audience on each network.

If you want to learn more about social media marketing tips, as well as news updates, check out Buy Real Marketing Blog

Miyerkules, Hunyo 13, 2012

Can SoundCloud Un-mute the Web?

SoundCloud – the name itself already speaks volume. It is a Berlin-based company founded on 2007 by Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, who never fail to add their vision of “un-muting” the future of the web on each of their interviews.

What is SoundCloud?

It is a website committed to sounds of all sorts. It caters to both the mainstream and indie music artists, podcasters, audio book authors and publishers. SoundCloud, simply put, is an online audio website that allows distribution, promotion and collaboration of tracks.

Reception of SoundCloud

SoundCloud is well received by millions of people. Currently, it has over 15 million users uploading fresh and unique tracks on the website. This huge number of users is considered a milestone, owing to the fact that audio is not much of an entertaining online pass time, unlike the video website YouTube.

New Artists Getting Heard

When YouTube is for video, Instagram for photos, then SoundCloud is definitely for audio. Did you know that SoundCloud was once considered to be the YouTube of audio? Up until now, as it continuously grows to cater to more indie artists who hope to go mainstream and sign up with known music labels. SoundCloud is no MySpace since it is geared to introducing new sounds that are either created single-handedly by one or by a community in SoundCloud.

There are those who try to complement great tracks with promotional tactics such as the option to buy SoundCloud plays while others just wait around for their tracks to get discovered. One way or another, these SoundCloud tracks will get their dues eventually.

SoundCloud Social Features

The one thing that helps SoundCloud stand out is its way of adapting to the element of social. Like Twitter, it configures a follow method, allowing members to follow favorite tracks and artists. They get updates from each other through their feeds, thus providing opportunities for more exposure to SoundCloud tracks.
SoundCloud also has the so-called timed comments, which is a social feature that allows members to give feedback and comments right within the audio tracks, which is represented with a waveform.

With the recent redesign of SoundCloud, a repost feature is already added, albeit the revamped audio site is still in beta. The repost feature allows members to conveniently share tracks to their followers with just a single click. Once a member reposts a SoundCloud audio track, this will automatically become visible on his or her stream. It is more like the reblog of Tumblr and retweet of Twitter.

SoundCloud tracks are also easily shared to several known social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. It can also be embedded on blogs and websites. What more, with the fast evolution of mobile usability, SoundCloud also provides API for downloading tracks on various smart phones.

SoundCloud indeed is slowly un-muting the web, not only with the sounds it brings but with all the buzz the web is creating on it. It is not farfetched for SoundCloud to become the next big thing on the internet.

Miyerkules, Hunyo 6, 2012

4 Steps to Boost E-commerce Sales with Social Media

E-commerce covers a very broad area in marketing a business, but most people refer to it simply as internet marketing, which is short of saying, “peddling wares” on World Wide Web or cyberspace. Whether you belong to the top-ranking business worldwide or a simple merchant in your hometown, the same goal is set for both – sales.

However, the internet is a micro-world that works the same way in the real life, which means competition is tough as well (some will say, it is cutthroat; a do or die thing). So what is your recourse in these times? Social media.

Social media or social networking websites are predominantly utilized by a large part of the world’s population, and that fact did not escape businesses notice. Thus, a great lot of them are already pursuing social media marketing and so should you. But how?

.     Find your Niche
This does not pertain finding what your market will be. You are long past that. What it means is, to go where your customers and prospects are. If they are on Facebook, create a fan page, if on Twitter, a Twitter handle.

.     Spy on Competitors
There is an emerging marketing trend in the online social sphere which is the buy social tactics. This is known to marketers and perhaps even to your competitors, in which a business buy SoundCloud plays, YouTube views, Twitter followers and other social media commodities available, to enhance social visibility as well as credibility. It will do you good to try this type of service, just to gain a foothold over the market competition.
    Connect with Market
In connection to the previous tip, know that when you buy Twitter followers, views or plays, you have to check their legitimacy. It will not do your marketing good if you receive fake and bot-generated accounts. How will you ever connect in real time with your followers or get sales, if most of them are unable to respond due to their nature?
Connecting to your market means building a relationship. Thus, it is important to you get the real ones to establish that interactive connection that every ecommerce business need.
     Push Promotions…Subtly
Let’s get this small matter in the way before proceeding. Never spam, deceive or give false hopes to your Facebook fans, Twitter followers and YouTube viewers or wherever social platform. It will certainly get you nowhere, but to marred reputation.

What you must do is promote naturally. Share links of web content in a regular and sensible manner. Make sure the post is relevant. If you are giving out freebies, make sure that the way to get it is easy and the promotion inviting. Furthermore, give what you promised to give, especially in a contest.

There is no doubt of the impact of social media in acquiring traffic and sales. Studies have been undertaken to prove that. Most importantly, do not fear social media marketing. It is a great help to provide exposure to your products and services like no other. Just join the hype and let the above-mentioned steps guide you and don’t forget about the alternative to buy YouTube views, Twitter followers or in short, buy social media influence. Believe that every success requires a certain push.